Different Types of Social Work

Social Services

Social workers are present in hospitals, schools, prisons, the military, mental health clinics, and in many public and private agencies. Some of these workers help individuals who face a disability or life-threatening illnesses. They also assist in other social problems including inadequate housing, unemployment, and substance abuse.

Families and spouses who are involved in household abuse are also provided with social workers to assist in improving their lives. Here are some of the different types of social work that are available to society.

Administration and Management

Social work administrators serve as leaders in public-private agencies to provide services to clients. Some of the aspects to this area of social work are towards administration in other organizations. It requires knowledge about social policy and delivery of social services and future planning.

Understanding human behavior and what the possible outcomes can be to these behaviors are important with administration and management.


Social Workers assist older adults by helping them live independently and by maximizing their quality of life and living life to the fullest. This type of social work focuses on many different aspects of an individual’s daily life, including the psychological, social, and physical parts of a normal life.

Developmental Disabilities

Social workers help parents of children who have developmental disabilities to understand their legal rights as individuals living with disabilities. Parents can learn through the social workers how to advocate and find special ways that enable the child to be able to live as independently as possible and live a healthy life.

Advocacy and Community Organization

Advocacy is one of the key services to social work practice. Social work advocates the rights of individuals and communities to achieve social justice. Community organizing and social work at first were responses to many aspects that contributed to inequality in society. They have always been effective and important in society.


Professionally trained social workers help people deal with personal and social problems that may affect wellness and health overall. Healthcare social workers are sometimes in direct service and concentrate on families and small groups as well as individuals. Healthcare social workers conduct research and develop programs and administer work.

These types of social workers are vital towards a healthy society.

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