There are many social service blogs to read and get informative knowledge on the workings of social services and advice on how to get involved. Here we have a look at some of the most helpful blogs about social services.

The New Social Worker

This is a free magazine for social work students, educators, practitioners, and graduates. It provides a focus on career development for professional social workers. All the published articles are about social work careers, education, ethics, technology, and books. You can expect up to 3 posts per week on

Social Justice Solutions

Social Justice Solutions is a social work organization from the Stony Brook School of Social Welfare. They are committed to helping in creating a world that is socially just. This blog provides information on exploring social welfare policies and practices as well as politics. You can expect up to 13 posts a week on

Social Workers Companion

Social workers companion work as a blog that connects social workers with one another. The blog helps social workers to work together in certain circumstances and provide helpful advice to one another and to individuals that are new to social work. There are many discussions about social work. Visit for more on their discussions.

R.E.A.L Social Workers

Another social work blog for social workers. Whether being part of social work for a long time or as a new social worker, this blog can help with advice and knowledge around how to deal with certain issues in the work. It is a place where social workers relax, advocate and learn. Real stories are shared by social workers to serve as motivation for new social workers.

You can expect up to 1 post per month on

The Political Social Worker

The political social worker serves as a platform for the blogger to share information related to macro practice in social work and politics and showcase her work as a consultant. Visit