Write For Us

NLURC is an online magazine website dedicated towards the inner workings of social work, organizations that are set up to reduce poverty and social work with children and families.

As a magazine website needing to publish articles on these subjects, we are always looking for more writers to join our writing team in providing readers with informative articles and discussions.

If you think you are able to write articles that will keep our readers entertained and informed on the workings and discussions on social work and its organizations, you can contact us for more information.

Writing for our magazine, you will need to havegood general knowledge about the workings and facts of social work and its organizations. Good skills in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be necessary for consideration.

You will need to provide at least 3 articles on the subjects that we cover and provide references to how professional knowledge around social work was gained.

As our readers are from different backgrounds and experiences, articles will need to be informative for professional social workers, newbies to social work, and also children and families who might need social work intervention.

Visit our contact page in order to find out more about the magazine and how to be considered for writing on our online magazine.